Pigment of imagination

Submissions available for Literary Magazine


Graphic by Jasmine Geyer

Story by Cameron Murry, staff writer

The 2019 Literary Magazine is now open for submissions ranging from literary works to illustrations and photography.

The Literary Magazine is a long-standing tradition that showcases student work and supporting creativity. Its support of intellect started in 1964, with the Art, Journalism and English departments being heavily involved.

“Although there’s no proper date set, submissions need to be sent in before the last grading period,” editor in chief of the magazine Jasmine Geyer said. “[This way I have time to] compile everything together.”

Geyer has already begun compiling submissions and designing the magazine. Submissions may be made now, but students are limited to no more than three submissions each.

“I email everyone that submits so they know what to work on and whether or not they’ve been approved,” Geyer said.

Submissions can be submitted here, or students can email Geyer at [email protected]. Submission forms will also be available in Room 50.