Boy Scouts Winter Camp

“Be prepared” for fun and adventure


Story by Jonathan Naples, staff writer

Bundled up in countless layers, scouts were not only given the opportunity to earn merit badges but also to have fun and make experiences that last a lifetime. Camp Preston Hunt hosted Winter Camp in Texarkana, Arkansas, from Dec. 27-30, 2018.

Over 300 Boy Scouts attended the camp this year. Scouts choose from a list of 63 different courses and earn five different merit badges. These include life skill badges such as fire safety, first aid, emergency preparedness, communication, and family life. There were some fun elective classes offered such as photography, coin collecting, geocaching and many others. Scouts in attendance were from San Antonio, Tyler, Fort Smith, Dallas and the local area council units.

Boy Scouts from age 11 to 17 can attend once they cross over into Boy Scouts from Webelo Scouts. In contrast with what the majority of the population thinks, Boy Scouts is not only about constant work but also about having as much fun as possible.

“I believe that every activity in Scouting grows youth of today to become men of tomorrow,” camp director David Melson said. “Camp goes beyond merit badges and teaches them leadership, moral responsibility, values and gives them many new experiences that they may not have been able to experience.”

The Boy Scout motto “Be prepared” is no joke. If Boy Scouts are underprepared for winter camp, they might as well start writing their will. Any Boy Scouts that come, especially the ones that stay overnight, must understand the dangers of the cold and the effects it can give. Dangers include hypothermia, frostbite and other life-threatening ailments because of the freezing temperatures.

The Organizers succeeded in making this year’s camp better this year.

“We are always looking for improvements to make camp an even greater experience for campers,” Melson said.  “We work hard to offer different and unique merit badge classes. We strive every year to add new merit badge classes. This year, for the first time we were able to offer plumbing, art, physical fitness and environmental science merit badges.