“Hi, how are you?”

State project promotes mental health


Graphic by Kaitlyn Rodgers

Story by Madison Brown, managing editor

Start the conversation. In participation with the “Hi, How Are You?” project, students are encouraged to wear green on Jan. 22 in support of Mental Health Awareness.

“Texas High [faculty] attempt to go out of their way to make sure every student feels comfortable in their own skin,” Student Body President Sarah Jane Paddock said. “Leadership students put up posters around the school to make sure that people are aware of this important day.”

The Texas Association of Student Councils has created this project to address the growing concerns around mental health.

“This mental health awareness project is a way for students to recognize that everyone faces their own issues whether big or small,” Paddock said.

Schools all over Texas are coming together to plan informative ways for their community to gain a better knowledge of the importance of mental health and general warning signs. Their goal is to build connections, show empathy and promote mental wellness.