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Are you fueling bad?

March 4, 2020

Grabbing a bag of chips or a scoop of ice cream after school for the sake of “de-stressing” is something any high school student running on little sleep could probably admit to. However, relying on snacks full of sugar to satisfy an appetite is not a sustainable way to source energy to your body i...

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Adverse childhood experiences

March 5, 2019

Adverse Childhood Experiences are traumatic or stressful events that occur before the age of 18. ACEs include abuse, neglect or household dysfunction. An ACE could be identified as a multitude of events, such as divorce, domestic violence, emotional neglect or sexual abuse. ACEs trigger toxic stress, which act...

Households with pets are typically more active. Dogs are known to be the main motivators behind many healthy habits.

A helping paw

January 25, 2019

It is two in the morning. Deep within the comfort of your dreams, you are awakened by the sound of heavy breathing. A cold tongue meets the warmth of your nose, and all hopes of returning to sleep flee at the sound of a crisp bark from your fluffy companion. You know it, and he knows it. Only together ...

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“Hi, how are you?”

January 21, 2019

Start the conversation. In participation with the “Hi, How Are You?” project, students are encouraged to wear green on Jan. 22 in support of Mental Health Awareness. “Texas High [faculty] attempt to go out of their way to make sure every student feels comfortable in their own skin,” Studen...

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Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

May 25, 2018

You huff. And you puff. And you blow a fat cloud. But unlike asthma, there is no medicine for vaping. Ever since Americans realized the consequences of smoking cigarettes, the tobacco industry has developed various methods to replace nicotine in the cessation, or halting, of smoking. Nicotine patches, n...

Helping others through surgery

Helping others through surgery

May 24, 2018

A long list of names. Names of people who are nearing death, their only hope is in the millions of people in the world, people who have the very thing that will allow them to continue the journey of life. People on the transplant list are unable to heal themselves, and their only chance at life is from the organs of those who no longer...

The basis of the ketogenic food diet consists of high fat intake and low carbs. This diet has been popularized by many Americans.

The ke-to losing weight

May 17, 2018

The word "diet" can contain a positive or negative connotation depending on who you are. On one hand, you have people who diet in order to keep their bodies in shape and maintain their health. On the other hand, you have people who, despite the fact that they love the food they eat, struggle to search...

Food without the fuel

Food without the fuel

April 19, 2016

He looks in the mirror. He’s hungry, but you couldn’t tell. Though the number on the scale continues to rise and it looks as if he has enough in his belly to sustain himself for decades, he needs nutrients. He goes to school, rushes to the lunch line and grabs everything he can get. He’s full for now...

Tigervision places third with PSA

March 18, 2015

Tigervision recently placed third out of 16 schools in a regional competition hosted by the Texas Department of Transportation. Seniors Austin Ryden and Matthew Crawford and junior Connor Williams created a public service announcement about the dangers of distracted and drunk driving. In addition to...

Senior Katie Johnston watches the United Blood Services technician guid the needle into her arm during the Blood Drive held in the Texas High School Tiger Center.

The beautiful bloody cause

January 15, 2015

Every two seconds someone in the United States needs a blood transfusion. Every few months, Texas High hosts a Lifeshare blood drive. Approximately 38 percent of the population is capable of donating blood, but only 10 percent do. Donating blood can seem like an intimidating experience at first, but...

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