Theatre company prepares for contest


Photo by Margaret Debenport

Juniors Addison Cross and Shelby Steele wail while performing in Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible.” The Tiger Theatre Company’s UIL One Act Play troupe had the public performance on March 3.

Story by Addison Cross, news editor

The Tiger Theatre Company’s UIL One Act Play troupe performed their rendition of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” this past Sunday at 2 p.m.

The company has put on a new twist on the classic play, transforming the commentary on the McCarthy trials and the American fear of communism in the 1950s to a discussion starter on the #MeToo movement and how sexual assault allegations impact people in the modern day.

“UIL is a little different this year because we are trying to modernize our show, ‘The Crucible,’ by bringing in other movements that have revolved around hysteria and social injustice,” stage manager Nadia Fryer said. “We [included] the #MeToo Movement and visuals of the McCarthy hearings to show that history repeats itself. UIL is difficult this year, but I believe we can pull it together and go far in the competition.”

The first competition will be district at Sulphur Springs High School on March 5.