Cash for gas

Road Runner to donate to TISD

Story by Addison Cross, news editor

Road Runner partnered with TISD to give back to the community. Now, every gallon of gas bought at a Spirit Pump gives a 3 cent donation to TISD’s Partners in Education Program, a program dedicated to building relationships with businesses in the school district.

“It’s a 3 cent donation, so your gas is the same price purchasing and there is any other pump, but Roadrunner will donate 3 cents to the school,” Road Runner marketing manager Abigail Cerra said. “We’re really anticipating to see a large impact, [and we’re] really excited to hear the stories of the lives that are changed and students that aren’t able to participate in events that now can. I mean, we really hope that this has a tremendous impact on the community.”

The new policy will not only aid TISD, but also expand Road Runner’s community outreach.

“We were just looking for a way to help contribute to the community and give back to the community that’s been so good to us,” Cerra said. “We knew how dynamic the situation was in Texarkana with the four large school districts and how many different ones there were, so we thought this would be a great idea.”

To find a complete list of businesses sponsored by the Partners in Education Program, visit