The race to VASE

Visual Arts Scholastic Event competition to be held Saturday


Photo by Peyton Sims

Story by Peyton Sims, culture editor

Artists from Texas High will be traveling to Pittsburg, Texas to compete in the 26th annual Visual Arts Scholastic Event on Saturday, Feb. 20. Students had the opportunity to enter up to two pieces ranging from paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs. Judging will take place on site of the event and the participants will have the opportunity to advance to the state competition in late April. 

“I’m excited for this year at VASE because we have a lot of really talented kids that have made really unique pieces. There’s so much variety and everyone’s personality shines through in their pieces,” art teacher Shea Phillips said. “[The students] are all really excited to compete, hang out with their friends all day and be with like-minded people. They enjoy doing what they love, which in this case, is making art.”

A lot of preparation goes into the planning of the VASE pieces. Some students planned months in advance in order to complete their piece in time for the event. Whether it’s a painting someone began working on straight after the previous VASE event or if they began a week before judging, each piece tells a different story that’s portrayed in a different way. 

“I really enjoy art and I love the piece I made for this year. Last year, I didn’t like my piece at all. Since I like my new one from this year, I’m super excited,” junior Britney Ankton said. “The most important part about my painting is where it comes from. It’s about my family and my sister which makes it very special to me. I’m in love with this piece.”  

For the past four years, VASE has been a vital part to many senior’s high school experience. From competing year after year, the artists not only get to see the growth in their artistic ability, but they also grow closer with the students alongside them in the art program.

“I’m excited to see what everybody else is able to do this year. I’m really anxious because I went to State last year and I really want to go back,” senior Josh Oldham said. “ It makes it much more special and nerve-racking that I’m a senior because that means it’s my last chance to go back to State, and while going to State isn’t everything, it would be really nice. My piece represents how senior year is stressful and overwhelming, especially with college applications. I feel like [my painting] will do really well, but we will just have to wait and see.”