Coronavirus preparations

District evaluates possible plans for COVID-19 outbreak


Photo courtesy of Public Health Image Library

Story by Addison Cross, editor in chief

As concerns around the spread of Coronavirus grow, students and faculty also fret over potentially coming in contact with the virus while at school. TISD officials have discussed possible outbreak protocol, but no definitive decisions have been reached. 

“Protocols for school districts are ever changing at this time,” Tina Veal-Gooch, Executive Director of Public Relations, said in an email. “Texas Education Association and all Texas Superintendents have a daily phone conference at 3:00 p.m. Following any decisions made by TISD, we will announce it to the parents/guardians, staff and community. At present, it is my hope that we will not find ourselves having to move to online classes.”

Fear also lies in arrangements for students who obtain their main meals from their school lunches and how they will access the necessary nutrition to stay healthy during the pandemic. 

“Based upon the press conference of Gov. Abbott’s, the state will be making sure that local school districts can continue their free/reduced meal programs and remain open for students,” Veal-Gooch’s email stated. “Again, all information coming to us is ever changing. TISD will make sure that we can continue to provide for our students as needed if we were to close the schools.”

TISD does not have plans to move to online schooling or extend spring break, but the district encourages students and faculty to be aware of themselves and any possible symptoms of COVID-19.

 “We have sent an email out to parents/guardians asking that they be aware and cautious of travel within the US and abroad. If they find that they or their student are showing symptoms of COVID-19, please seek medical treatment,” Veal-Gooch’s email said. “Also, please contact their campus principal to inform them of the student’s illness and that they are quarantined. At that point, each campus will work with the students and parents to make sure they have what is needed for academic continuation.”