How to save a life

A look at local animals currently up for adoption

Story by Peyton Sims, culture editor

Dogs and cats sit behind bars, morning and night. More strays are brought in day after day, with not enough people looking to adopt. These animals are deprived of having a home of their own, so if you’re looking for a new addition to your family, take a look at the current pets of Texarkana Animal Care and Adoption Center who are anticipating being adopted.

Snow White
This pit bull mix shows nothing but love to everyone who walks by her kennel. She’s timid and needs an owner who’s patient and willing to show her what love is. 

This german shepard mix is beautiful. This dog waits for you to approach her cage so she can make her move into your heart, making it irresistible to go home empty handed. 

This golden sweetie may be a little mellow the first time you meet her, but it won’t take long for you to ease up to one another.  

This adorable border collie mix wants nothing more than a family to call her own. This loving dog desires to give you all of the cuddles you may ever need. How could resist that sweet smile?

It’s nearly impossible to not fall in love with Fleeks’ beautiful blue eyes and personality.  Fleek is a lot more of a people person than some of the other pets and anticipates the moment she can be taken to a home of her own. 

This yellow Labrador mix is a sweetie who wants to be loved. Sadie is a playful pup who would make a great companion. 

This shephard mix is looking for a person willing to give them a chance in life. Sophie longs to be sprawled out on a couch with her new family rather than being isolated in her cage. 

This male bulldog/heeler mix is all smiles despite him being in the shelter since June of 2019. Domino would make a perfect family dog with his welcoming energy that he brings to everyone he meets. 

This hound mix is only five months old and has lived most of her life as a stray. Eliza is a tiny puppy who is still trying to learn her bark. When you see her face, it will be irresistible to give her cuddles.

This catahoula leopard dog has also been in the shelter since October of 2019 despite her loving personality. When you approach her cage, she runs in circles in excitement, anticipating receiving attention from anyone who passes by.  

How could you say no to those sweet eyes? This lab is a recent adoptee of the shelter and will likely not have to be there for too long when people discover his sweet personality. 

This pit mix received an appropriate name after she was found sleeping behind Zapatas. Being a stray, Salsa hasn’t learned what it’s like living with a family that loves them. She needs someone who’s willing to give her unconditional cuddles. 

Linda’s puppy dog eyes are to die for. This catahoula leopard mix was found as a stray and has since been kept in the shelter. 

This hound mix has spent the past two weeks at the shelter. Her beautiful personality along with her beautiful markings would make her a perfect addition to your family. 

With a fox-like appearance, this shepard mix is full of energy and kisses. It’s hard to believe no one would take her in the instant they saw her, but she still waits in her cage for a forever family to take her home. 

This mutt has a lot of breeds running in her veins, giving her three times as much love. Belle is shy and is slow to trust people after she experienced a harsh past with humans. Belle needs a patient individual that’s willing to take time from their life to understand her sweet soul.

This puppy is a bit bigger than your average pup. Being in the shelter since October of 2019, Skipper wants to grow up within a family that wants to love him. Skipper has spent most of his life in the pound and is ready to experience the outside world in a whole new way with a new person. 

Dolly and Baby
This inseparable pair only trusts one another and is slow to approach a stranger. With the patience of the perfect person, Dolly and Baby will brighten your day. 

If you’re more of a cat person, then I saved the best for last. Stray kittens are brought in day after day and often go weeks without finding a home. To help this cause, consider stopping by the shelter when you’re prepared to add a new set of paws to your family.

“Sometimes we get [multiple] animals brought in on a daily basis,” kennel tech supervisor Brenda Williamson said. “If you’re looking to donate to the shelter, blankets, sheets and towels are what we need the most because that’s what we put on the animal’s beds when it’s cold. We also accept dry or canned dog and cat food.”

Texarkana Animal Care and Adoption Center

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*animals featured in the story are available as of Feb.27

all photos by p. sims