Just as promised

New updates and things to know about this year’s prom 


Photo by Allyson Smith

photo illustration.

Story by Logan Diggs, managing editors

Coronavirus has become the new norm so much so that, to many, the idea of a beloved tradition being canceled in the blink of an eye is typical. It’s a sad reality; the seniors of Texas High have missed out on so many traditions that this year will no doubt go down on the wrong side of high school history. However, through the darkness, shines hope. TISD has taken a safe step back towards normalcy through the confirmation of senior prom.

Although this year’s dance will look far different than one’s traditional idea of prom, the efforts of having a prom at all are vastly appreciated by many. 

“On May 1, Texas High School’s prom will be hosted in the Dan Haskins Center on campus. The senior class decided upon the theme of ‘Enchanted Gardens,’” Principal Carla Dupree said. “Masks will be required at the event along with the completion of a COVID-19 form by all remote students and people not enrolled at Texas High School which will be provided after Spring Break.” 

Due to the pandemic, the school won’t be allowed to serve food at the dance; therefore, students are encouraged to have eaten dinner prior to attending. Luckily, water will be available to all in attendance.

“From 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. you’ll have the prom with the DJ and everything in the student center. Then in the main hallway we will have a casino night set up. Students are free to move between both freely,” Dupree said. “Although these times aren’t cemented in stone, we will transition at 11 p.m. to the Performing Arts Center where we will have our auction. After we complete our auction, that will most likely leave us around 12:30 a.m.”

Though an abundance of changes will be made to keep the dance safe for all attending, some regulations will remain the same. 

“As of right now, tickets will more than likely be sold online similar to how we have done our sporting events this year. Furthermore, no new limitations have been applied to who can come,” Dupree said. “A senior can bring one guest, and we have our normal guest stipulations in place as far as age and other things go.”

This year’s prom is not only looking different so far, but is under threat of collapsing. There’s a huge threat to prom on the horizon, another result of this year’s pandemic. 

Now, after we’ve gotten the OK to have prom, we are scrambling to make this the best prom for our seniors we can have.”

— Holly Hickerson, Prom Committee Chair

“We were not sure if we were able to have a prom until the end of March, so all year long we’ve been on hold on whether to fundraise or not,” Prom Committee Chair Holly Hickerson said. 

The Prom Committee is comprised of the moms of senior students, so naturally the group is passionate about having the funds to offer the dance. In their minds, a great senior prom is the least they can offer after such a fragmented year.

“Because the seniors have already missed out on so much this year, we’re trying to make prom the best we can so that they have some great memories to end their year,” Hickerson said. 

Many of these moms can remember when they were in their children’s position, and are determined not to let the next generation miss out on what they remember fondly. 

“I remember being a freshman, and thinking ‘I can’t wait to get to be a senior and have the best senior Prom ever.’ It just signifies that high school is over; you’ve done four years, and a great time with your friends, where you get fancy, look nice and take pictures, is what you’re rewarded with,” Hickerson said. “This is what you look forward to all year long while being a senior.”

In order to ensure this experience will not be missed, thousands of dollars must be raised within the span of a few months. The Prom Moms can take care of all the organizing, but it’s generous parents that are going to have to ensure funds are raised. Those who are willing to donate can join the ‘Texas High Prom Moms” group on Facebook and find a link there, or contact one of the prom committee members: Nikki Hamilton, Holly Hickerson, Valerie DuPreist or Becky Rounds.