Social media frenzy

Facebook post spreads false fear at THS

Photo by Macy Maynard
Parents wait outside the doors to the attendance office of Texas High School because of fears of retaliation after the death of a THS student yesterday. Administrators and staff ensured students left with only their parents or guardians while police provided security around campus.

Story by Macy Maynard and Reese Langdon

Lines gathered outside of Texas High School Tuesday morning after a Facebook post suggested that parents should check their kids out of school following an off-campus shooting Monday that resulted in a Texas High student’s death. 

Two brothers, Kamorion Meachem,18, and Kieran Meachem, 19, have been arrested on murder charges and are being held in the Bi-State jail on $1 million bond each. The victim has been identified as senior Ulises Martinez, 17.

TISD Chief Communications Officer Tina Veal-Gooch said that the district has contacted the adult who made the Facebook post and found no validity to any threat to student safety at Texas High School. An additional post stating that a gun had been found on campus was also not true.

Outside the main entrance and around the attendance office, confusing, jumbled lines grew with worried parents and students.

“It was very chaotic,” said senior Jalyn Golette, who was checked out of school. “I felt uncomfortable with all the extreme media posts and the extra security made the school seem out of its regular environment.”
Additional security officers from TISD, Texarkana College, Texas A&M-Texarkana and the Texas Department of Public Safety were posted throughout the campus.

I feel extremely safe because of the security measures the school has taken so far.”

— Will Carter, student body president

“There are police officers everywhere, and the administration has reassured the students that we are well protected,” student body president Will Carter said.

Despite the safety precautions put in place for protection of students, parents were still concerned.

“[I am] just here to pick up my son. He was a little nervous,” parent Stacey Nard said. “But as of right now, I feel like they are pretty safe with everyone here. All the police officers are here, all the state troopers are here, so I feel like he was safe.”

However, one parent standing in the line felt that more could be done. 

“I am pretty sure they have cameras,” parent Jacqueline Miles said. “But extra security and metal detectors [could] keep all the unnecessary down.”