Building the future

TISD purchases structure near Texas High


Photo by Doug Kyles

A demolition dumpster sits outside of the former Domino Federal Credit Union at 2208 Kennedy Lane which was purchased by Texarkana ISD last May. TISD Maintenance crews have started work on the remodeling of the building, but the plans for the future use of the building have not been made public by the school district.

Story by Melissa Singleton, Staff Writer

School officials recently announced the purchase of what used to be Domino Federal Credit Union at 2208 Kennedy Lane on May 25, 2021 through a press release. It has come to the attention of multiple people, and not many know what the purpose of the investment was or details of the plans for the property that sits adjacent to Texas High School. This purchase has intrigued the student body. 

“The initial purpose, like anything when we purchase a facility or whatever it may be next to one of our campus properties, or one of our other facilities, is to be able to have the opportunity to expand our footprint area in terms of buildings,” Chief Communications Officer Tina Veal-Gooch said. “Any time that we see property that is available near our TISD campus, we will look at it and determine if it’s something that’s viable for us to use.”

The district has yet to make a final decision about the plans of use for the building. There are many opportunities and options for what it could be used for.  

“There has been some discussion but no final decision,” Veal-Gooch said. “We hope that come the end of December we will be able to announce a final decision but as of right now no definite decision.”

Banks can cost upwards of thousands or even millions of dollars. Spending that much money would affect many aspects of the school’s spending. Veal-Gooch is unsure how much the extension will cost.

A credit union may not be too different from a school environment since they have many of the same characteristics. It’s a work environment that could either be kept or altered to the school’s liking. The outside look and signing could also be changed or kept the same.

“Obviously, they have somewhat of a stationary or static marquee out front,” Veal-Gooch said. “Depending upon what we choose to do, we may change out that marquee or that sign message to show that it is a TISD property.”