Crime on the come up

Examining the perceived rise in crime on campus


Story by Mason Anderson, Staff Writer

So far this school year, a combination of TikTok trends and other unrelated events has led to a perceived rise in crime by many on campus.

The trend of “devious licks” on TikTok became more popular at the beginning of the school year. With this social media challenge, it became almost like a competition to steal some of the oddest objects, from chairs to sinks.

The cost of some of these items can be from $300 all the way to over $700. The items stolen have cost school districts thousands of dollars in replacement costs and have caused students and staff to suffer through worse facilities.

“I couldn’t think of [the price] off the top of my head,” Officer Brad Irvin said. ”We tried to look into and solve as many [thefts] as we could and other things of that matter.” 

Chief Irvin has been serving as an officer at Texas High for 15 years and became chief two years ago. In that time he believes that crime has fallen.

“I just think what is reported today is more accessible,” Irvin said. “People hearing more about it is the reason people think it has risen.”

Out of all that is stolen, Principal Stahl reveals that it often just ends up being lost and the process they have for returning it. However, the property that is stolen is returned an estimated 50% of the time.

“As far as property reportedly being stolen, we investigate, and we try to get with the student and have them show where it was so we know the best camera angles to see from and see what happened at that time and if someone stole and lost it,” Stahl said.

Other than thefts, Chief Irvin speaks about the number of officers on campus on Oct. 26 due to the threats and misinformation spread online.

“We had 20 plus officers on campus to make sure that students and staff were taken care of,” Irvin said. “We have these officers here to feel safe and so [the teachers] can teach and students can learn safely.”

Irvin urges students to keep all expensive items at home so that they don’t have to worry, and if students are going to bring expensive items, to keep them hidden.