A warm welcome

TISD opens center on Kennedy Lane


Photo by Brooke Knight

Members of TISD cheer as the orange ribbon is cut, signifying the opening of the new welcome center.

Story by Joseph Haynes-Stewart, News Editor

Officials and community members flooded the newly-renovated room with a sentiment of excitement and anticipation. This was a time for celebration as Texarkana Independent School District officially opened its new welcoming center on Kennedy Lane last Thursday.

“We’re excited about it because it provides another tool for us to use to better serve our families who are coming into the district and also those who are applying for employment here,” said Dr. Doug Brubaker, superintendent. 

When Domino Federal Credit Union closed, TISD had the opportunity to purchase the building to provide the space for this new addition.

“Whenever there’s a property that’s available kind of close to Texas High School, we take a really strong look at purchasing it because they come on the market so rarely, and so we did,” Brubaker said.

In the prior location, space and privacy was always a concern for both administrators and families.

“We were just so constrained with space, that we weren’t able to really provide all the services that we want to provide for our new families and our new employees,” said Amanda Eisley, Director of Student Services. “I have been in a portable building for 14 years, so to be able to have some space and privacy when we speak to families and employees makes it a lot more confidential.”

The ceremony included all types of people from different backgrounds and beginnings, which exhibited TISD’s increasing diversity. This is what allows administrators, such as Executive Director of Human Resources Amy Nix, to be hopeful for its future.

“I think it sends a great message, not only to the district stakeholders but to the community, that we are intent on hiring the best quality employees,” Nix said. “We want to attract students to the district and bring in as many as we can.”