Giving = Living

Students give blood in the Sullivan Performing Arts Center to help someone in need


Photo by Anna Haley

Story by Anna Lee, Staff Writer

Texas High School students gathered in the foyer of the Sullivan Performing Arts Center to give blood on Aug. 31 and Sept. 1, 2022. Health Science teacher, Joe Nolen, worked with LifeShare to put together four blood drives for the 2022-2023 school year. 

“Blood donation is super important,” Nolen said. “There is a cliche that said blood is the gift of life, and these people are giving the gift of life [by donating].” 

The first two blood drives take place in the fall, with the next one being at the end of November. The other blood drives will be hosted in the spring. There is a long process to go through when giving blood. Many things have to be done in order to take safety precautions. 

“[Scheduling] is the hardest part for people that are coordinating the blood drives. [We have to] make sure that you’re in a good condition to be able to donate,” Nolen said.

Several students showed up, taking time out of their classes to give blood. LifeShare does several school blood drives, which is where most of their blood comes from. 

“I thought that since I was capable of doing it and I was able to, then why not,” junior Grace Wilson said. “I would do it again to help someone.”