Open Opportunities

Texas high school students offered the chance to sign up for any club


Anna Lee

Juniors Aamireyon Moore, Keira Thomas and Senae Walker read over the requirements needed to join THS Student Council. Clubs set up booths around the cafeteria in attempt to bring in new members.

Story by Anna Lee, Staff Writer

Texas high hosted club week for a week in late August. The school offers over 35 clubs with various opportunities for everyone. Students from each club set up a booth in the cafeteria,  patiently waiting for other students to approach them, curious about the club. 

“We have had [several] students come up to us interested and excited to join something new,” junior Student Council member Senae Walker said. “I’m excited that [they are] excited. It gives us a chance to expand our club and include everyone.”

Texas High’s diversity of clubs gives everyone a chance. There are clubs such as Multicultural Club, Statistics Club and even a new mental health club. Many people use these as a chance to reach out of their comfort zone and make new friends. 

“I tried to sign up for as many things as I was interested in,” sophomore Serenidee Bevington said. “I’m new here, and it just [felt like] a nice opportunity to find some people that I could actually talk to and be friends with.” 

Every club has a faculty sponsor that runs it. The students use them as a reference for everything they do. However, the faculty does not play as big of a role as someone might think. 

“Most clubs are student-led, so we are just working with the students to carry out their ideas and plans,”  History Club sponsor Lance Kyles said. “Sometimes school is fast paced, so it is hard to get students who are interested in a topic involved, and clubs are a chance to work with students one-on-one.”

All of these clubs are used to help the student body come together and use their skills in ways other than studying or taking tests. It opens up opportunities and gives students a chance to express themselves in school.

“Clubs just seem like the best opportunity for everyone,” Bevington said. “I have already met new people and made new friends. It really got me to branch out of my comfort zone.”