Panda incoming

Panda Express is set to open quietly the week of Oct. 22-29


Photo by Braden McKinnon

A newly constructed Panda Express sits on St Michael Dr. The restaurant is set to open the week of Oct. 22-29.

Story by Braden McKinnon, Staff Writer

One of the biggest question marks currently surrounding the Texarkana restaurant industry is: “When is Panda Express Texarkana set to open?”

The original expected opening date was in February, but we are eight months past that, and it still has yet to open.

Panda Restaurant Group has owned that lot of land for almost 10 years.

“If you remember the very beginning of the year, there was a lot of rain,” assistant manage of Panda Express Texarkana Jessica Troxler said. “So we watched them flatten out the land and clear it out with all the rain and make sure the dirt is all settled. So that took a lot longer.” 

A new Panda Express is set to have a “soft” opening during the week of Oct. 22-29.

“It’s gonna be like a soft opening,” Troxler said. “People kind of see us open then come, then we grow from there, so we can kind of get our people trained and be in that position.”

The goal of the soft opening is to not overwhelm the workers on their first day and then be able to learn their position well before the crowds of people flood the store.

With any new business comes open job slots, and Troxler encourages anyone to apply because Panda Express is a great place to work.

“Panda Express is really big on growing you as a person. Of course in our business but also in your own life,” Troxler said.

So look for Panda Express to be open any day from Oct. 22-29.