Area competition

Tiger Band makes finals for the first time in over 20 years


Photo by Kristina Colburn

Junior Taybri Johnson marches with her clarinet at the UIL Area marching contest. The Texas High marching band competed in Mesquite, TX on Oct. 22.

Story by Lourdes Quijas, Staff Writer

While the crowd calms down, the bands are waiting for their results on the field. The bright stadium lights are illuminating on the band kids’ faces. The announcer announces the results, and the Tiger Band jumps with excitement, thrilled.

As the season ends, the Tiger Band reaches their most important competition: Area. This competition is one of the toughest competitions for the band because they’re going against many other bands.

On Oct. 22, the Tiger Band competed in the UIL Area C 5A Marching Contest at Mesquite Memorial Stadium. The band competed against nine other bands and came in the top five. 

“Making finals was the only thing I wished would happen that day,” senior euphonium CJ Jordan said. “And my wish came true. It was just overpowering joy.” 

For the first time in over 20 years, the Tiger Band made Area finals and made fifth place overall. With the award winning show, “Queen of the Night”, the band won a total of 10 awards this entire season. The band has been working hard since July 28 to get up to this point. Still in shock, everyone is proud of each other and all the seniors are happy this is how they are ending their last marching season. 

“My favorite part about Area is getting to show out and perform what we have been working on for the last four months of our lives,” senior percussionist Andrew Wommack said.

My favorite part about Area is getting to show out and perform what we have been working on for the last four months of our lives.”

— Andrew Womack

Area was very emotional for most people. There were lots of tears, many hugs and numerous “don’t leave me”s. The competition made many parents happy and thrilled for their child. While the band was being emotional, the band directors took a moment to soak everything in.

The seniors of the Texas High band are very happy they are ending the season like this. Most members have been in band since sixth grade and were excited to get into highschool, but now they are sad about the last season and going off to college to do other things. 

“It’s bittersweet because I’ve had these students, most of them for seven years. And so it’s like, your kids grow up and go off to college every year,” head band director Arnie Lawson said. “It’s difficult in some ways, but then again, they have to grow up and they have to move off and we start all over again, but it’s always tough.”

Throughout the years of being a director, Lawson sees these young people grow into young adults. He sees everyone be friends with each other, sees their personalities and so much more. Lawson taught these students how to be leaders and strong players at the same time. 

“Ending senior year marching while making history is honestly the only and correct way to end senior marching season in my opinion,” senior percussionist Daryon Jackson said. “It is a great feeling.”