New app hits top charts and teenager’s phones

App gaining popularity but with some concerns.

Story by Macy Maynard, Editor in Chief

A new app hits the top charts, taking the place of popular apps such as BeReal and TikTok.

Gas is number one under Best Free Apps on the App Store. Its description suggests it’s a way to see who likes you or find your crush.

Issac Turner, Dave Schatz and Nikita Bier developed Gas and created a similar app, TBH, which hit the charts in 2017. The now inactive app, TBH, was acquired by Meta, the parent company of Facebook.

Gas was released in Aug. 2022, and it’s just now gaining popularity. The name of the app translates to “gas” someone up, or in other words, hype them up. The app encourages users to be kind towards one another while trying to break the harsh, hateful media presence of teens.

Concerns regarding the app grew due to reviews on Twitter suggesting the app was tied to sex trafficking. The Gas team investigated and came to the conclusion that the reviews were fake.

After setting up a profile, users receive a set of polls every hour where they vote on people whose names appear. After completing the polls, users receive coins to boost their status amongst other users’ polls in the future.

The flames are anonymous, and only the gender and grade are displayed of who “flamed” you. It also offers an option to pay to uncover the person who flamed you. The flames received are rated first, second and third on the user’s profile for everyone to see.

Students immediately downloaded the app, therefore, boosting its popularity throughout schools.

“I got the app because I saw my friends using it, and I thought the prompts were funny,” junior user Cole Gideon said.

The gas app offers a safe and positive way for high school students to interact on social media.