A leader’s luncheon

Students get recognized for exceptional leadership on campus


Truth Dukes

Junior Carrington Grant checks in leaders from the other schools in the district. High school students in the Leader In Me program volunteered to run the event.

Story by Lourdes Quijas, Staff writer

 Every month, two students from all TISD campuses gather at the PAC and celebrate what they have accomplished. All those students and their families come to the PAC, play games, get their awards and have a box lunch, provided by the Leader In Me group.

Students from the Leader In Me program host the luncheon, make kids’ days and let the parents leave happy.

“Leader in me, to me, is a group of students working together to make school a place where everybody feels valued,” ASL teacher  Britni Huggins said.

Leader in me is a group of students that are selected in July, that come together and make the school a better place. The program is student-led with everyone being a leader in everything.

“The event is always fun to organize, everyone does their job and it turns out amazing. It is always fun to see the kids from the elementary schools smile simply because they get to see the ‘big kids’,” junior Caden Townsend said.

Today’s theme was Dr. Suess, with ‘pin the hat on the cat’, reading books to the children and so much more. Everyone got an award and got noticed for the leadership skills that they’ve shown.

“I love seeing the kids laugh and run around, they are always super respectful and a joy to be around,” Townsend said.