Eagle status achieved

Seven seniors earn highest honor in Boy Scouts


Photo by submitted photo

Seniors receiving their Eagle Scout award hold up their hands in the Boy Scout pledge. It’s an honor for scouts to receive this award after all of their years of membership.

Story by Jackson Haltom, Staff Writer

In the midst of Sadie Hawkins and Dinner Theatre, seven of our very own Texas High students participated in an Eagle Scout ceremony, earning their Eagle Scout rank. Those seven students are seniors Matthew Lingle, Parish Campbell, Dominic West, Chapman White, Jeb White and Jackson Haltom. 

Achieving the rank of Eagle Scout is a significant accomplishment and a highly respected achievement in the Boy Scouts of America. It is the highest rank attainable in the program and represents years of hard work, dedication and leadership. 

Eagle Scouts have demonstrated proficiency in a range of skills, including camping, first aid, citizenship and personal fitness. They also have completed a major service project that demonstrates their commitment to making a positive impact in their community.

Being awarded the rank of Eagle Scout is not only a recognition of an individual’s achievements but also a symbol of their potential to lead and make a positive difference in the world.

“It means a lot being alongside my high school classmates since most of us have been together since elementary school, and now we have all been able to achieve such a high honor,” Jeb White said.

Having seven Eagle Scouts all come from the same patrol and high school is extremely rare and shows the true drive and dedication these boys had to achieve this award together.

It means a lot being alongside my high school classmates since most of us have been together since elementary school, and now we have all been able to achieve such a high honor.”

— Jeb White

To earn the rank, a scout must complete a wide range of activities, including earning numerous merit badges, completing a major service project and demonstrating leadership within their troop. 

These requirements help scouts develop the skills and qualities necessary to become effective leaders, such as teamwork, goal-setting, communication and decision-making. Furthermore, the rigorous requirements help scouts develop a strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility and accountability, which are essential qualities for success in any field.

“To me, I feel that I have achieved something most people never achieve and that I have learned what being a leader is truly about,” Chapman White said.

The requirements to get Eagle Scout can take several years to fulfill, depending on the scout’s level of dedication and availability.

“It was definitely worth the journey and to me, this award means the world to me because of the lengthy challenges,” Lingle said. “Also, I am the first in my family to be an Eagle Scout, making my family members extremely proud, which is the best feeling.” 

Eagle Scouts can provide numerous benefits in your future life, including leadership skills, community service experience, personal development, networking opportunities and access to scholarship opportunities. The qualities and values learned through the Eagle Scout process can help you succeed in your future career and make a positive impact in your community.