Soccer girls join forces with cross country runners

Story by Autumn Sehy, Staff Writer

She runs 40 miles each week, taking only Saturday off. Running an average of 7 miles a day for training, then the 2-mile long races during cross country season, sophomore Madison Sewell will cover hundreds of miles this year.

This will be Sewell’s third year running cross country with Texas High, and her first year running with the girls’ soccer team.

“We don’t have many girls in cross-country to begin with,”Sewell said.” Most are sprinters or off-season track runners. Soccer runs a lot anyways, so it would be nice to have distance runners.

For everyone who hasn’t run during the summer, there will be competition. The varsity girls are the only ones who are required to run with the team. They won’t be running at the same time as the cross country runners, and they have the option of racing in the meets.

“Having the soccer girls will make us a better team and make some of the new girls step it up,” Sewell said. “More people will be in it, so more people will find out about it,” Sewell said,” I’ll definitely enjoy having more people on the team.”