Players prepare for battle of the border


Players run onto the field before last year’s rivalry game.

Story by Ben Gladney, Staff Writer

As the day turns to night, and the sun begins to fade a natural feeling of apprehension sets in the mind of the Tigers before they face the Razorbacks tonight at Tiger Stadium.Before every battle in history, soldiers have always found a way to prepare themselves for the upcoming fight, so tonight a battle of the borders will take place, and only one will come out victorious.

“I’m excited right now, but [tonight] there’s no telling what I am going to feel,” junior Terrence Butler said. “I just know that God will prepare us for this test, and I know with Him on our side, that we will be victorious against the Razorbacks.”

The Texas vs. Arkansas High game is the most anticipated game of the year. Many people have often said that Texas is going to win, regardless, but this year the Tiger’s mindset is different.

“We have never taken what people have said to the head but to the heart, to play our hardest not just for the fans, and the community, but for our teammates,” senior Ladamon Hayes said.

For the seniors, their last rivalry game is bittersweet.

“I really feel like you know I’m happy about this game, but then again, I’m sad because this is the last Tex-Ark game,” senior Jonathan Hunt said. “This is the last chance for us seniors to play against Arkansas, but we are looking for the win, and toward the future.”

And the seniors plan to give it their all.

“Man it feels great to be a senior, but I’m looking forward to playing my last Texas-Arkansas game,” senior Lavonte Henry. “I know that without a doubt I’m going to play my heart out, and try to earn Defensive MVP of the game.”

With rumors that the future of the rivalry is uncertain, the players hope to make it one to remember.

“I feel like the rivalry will never die,” junior Tariq Hill said. “I know that this year is going to be the year that we show out.”