Tigers impressive against Hawks

Story by Taylor Potter, Sports Editor

Texas High’s varsity football team had a complete field day against Pleasant Grove in their annual scrimmage. Texas High was absolutely dominant, but that was to be expected. PG is not a team with amazing talent, so I wouldn’t get too excited just yet.

On defense, the Tigers are solid. The defensive line was able to continuously push back the opposing linemen and applied fantastic run support. The linebackers, led by junior Anthony Rhone, swarmed to the ball and made sure tackles. The secondary could use some work. At times the corners would allow receivers too much room or would be too aggressive while the ball was in the air. However, the safeties and corners were always quick to stop a receiver and gave up few yards after the catch. If they can seal up the gaps in coverage, the Tigers’ defense should be looking at an excellent year.

I had my worries on offense. The Tigers were switching to a more pass-oriented spread attack, which some players may have difficulties adjusting to. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the transition had been seamless. The new offensive was extremely productive and was able to move the ball down the field with ease. Junior quarterback Clete Norton played exceptionally well, especially on short to medium throws. The receivers displayed amazing speed and had no trouble working their way downfield. Everyone on offense looked like they knew their job and their responsibilities. The offensive line was the most impressive. They were able to drive the opposition back time after time. They opened up plenty of space for the running game and gave the quarterback plenty of time. The only problem that I can really see is a lack of timing on deep passes. If they can fix this, the offense will have a much better season than last year.

Junior running back Tre Walker was the most impressive. He will undoubtedly have to taken a step back in this new offense, but he made every carry count. He displayed exceptional vision and was able to drive his legs to move the pile. He never quit on a play, which resulted in a few great runs.

All things considered, Texas High seems to be on track. It’s hard to tell if the performance against PG was due to being a talented team or playing a less-than-talented team. We’ll get a better look at what our team is made of during the first game against Arkansas High.