Tennis team wins district opener


Photo by unknown

Story by Madeline Hunley, Staff Writer

The tennis team defeated Mount Pleasant in their district opener last Tuesday at Tiger Tennis Center. Junior Kyle Kennedy and sophomore Baylee McBride both came away with 6-0, 6-0 in the singles matches.“I feel like I played extremely well for our first district match,” McBride said. “I was consistent with my shots and was pleased with the score considering I played number 3.”Earlier in the month, the team went up against a 5A school, losing 10-4 in their first match.

Senior Caroline Smith came back with a win against Coppell with her doubles partner sophomore Baylee McBride.

“I feel like I played really well,” Smith said. “Baylee and I finally got it together because we didn’t play very well Friday. Overall, I played really good.”

Losing to a 5A school did not discourage junior Kyle Kennedy.

“The team did well, second place was fine,” Kennedy said. “The other team was a lot deeper and we got hurt in the bottom of the lineup.”

Freshman Anna Catherine Boudreaux said that tournament was a positive experience.

“I was a little nervous but overall more excited,” Boudreaux said. “They have a lot more competition.”

Texas High fought until the end, but ended up placing second with Coppell finishing first. After a long day of perseverance, the Tigers stayed positive in the loss.

“We gave it our all and that’s all that matters,” Boudreaux said.