Tigers travel to face Tyler Lee

Story by Taylor Potter, Sports Editor

After a week off, we can finally get back to football. On their first game back, the Tigers will travel to Tyler to take on the Lee High School Raiders at 7:30 p.m.The Raiders (0-3 on the season) are recovering from a shutout loss against their in-city rival. The Tigers (1-1) did not fare much better against the Louisiana powerhouse Evangel. Both teams will be ready for an opportunity to prove themselves.

Physically, the Tigers have everything it takes to win this game. They are fresh from the week off and are just more talented than the Raiders. Texas High’s dominant speed and strength will be a huge difference maker in this game.

Losing three in a row will take a toll on a team. Confidence and moral will certainly be an issue for the Raiders. The Tigers, however, may have had some issues with overconfidence after the opening win against Arkansas. Needless to say, the 54-7 loss to Evangel has been a humbling experience.

Tyler Lee may have an advantage that would usually go unnoticed. The Raiders are being led by a new head coach, Darrell Piske, who has 28 years of prior experience and a District Coach of the Year award to his name. The rest of the staff has resumes that are just as impressive. Despite the lack of individual talent, the Raiders have a Grade-A coaching staff to get them ready. Of course, Texas High has a more-than qualified and talented staff, but they will have some tough competition across the field.

However, Texas High’s physical talent will overwhelm the Raiders. It won’t be a very pretty win, but the Tigers will get it done.

My prediction: Texas High- 17; Lee High School- 6