Tigers hope to right the ship against Pine Tree


Juniors Clete Norton (12) and Lyle Preston (43) exit the tunnel during last week’s loss against Kennedale.

Story by Robert Hoover, Staff Writer

Texas High will be facing off against the Pine Tree Pirates tonight. The Tigers have struggled this season. Our passing game hasn’t gotten going, and our running game has not been given the opportunity it deserves.

However, the Tigers are starting to get it together and fans might have their dreams come true this weekend during a dramatic turn of tides for the Tigers.

The Pirates are 2-2 with both their wins being their last two games. They have steadily enhanced their performance, and they are likely to raise the bar even more before playing us. While the Pirates have been improving, the Tigers have been nostalgic. They need to re-dedicate their focus to the running game and begin moving forward.

The Tigers are 1-3 thus far and have been changing their strategies every game. They seem to have lost their rhythm, struggling to find something that works. Junior running back Treveon Walker is the answer to the Tigers’ prayers. He has not been used to his full potential this season. In the past, Walker has made huge contributions to our offense and has given us more yardage than any other player.

If we keep the ball on the ground, we may have a better outcome in future games. Sticking with short passes, as seen in the Kennedale game, is acceptable. This means not relying on long to medium passes. All that has brought us is incomplete passes and interceptions.

The Tigers have all the goods but haven’t utilized them. It’s time to start moving the ball forward. Let’s do what we do best and not try to do things we aren’t good at.

The Tigers are starting to come together and realize what they need to do to make progress. I’m expecting a lot of rushing yards and a lot of safe passes this Friday. This is the time for the big comeback. It’s now or never, if they don’t have it together by now, it just won’t happen.

My prediction: Texas High- 17; Pine Tree- 14