Seniors honored during final home football game


During the last home game of the season, 95 seniors were honored for their participation in Friday night football.

Story by Taylor Potter, Sports Editor

Before the start of tonight’s game, Texas High honored 95 seniors in the annual senior night pre-game ceremony.

“It felt really good to finally have that recognition,” senior Brianna Sellers said. “I had been looking up to the seniors the past three years while I’ve been in high school and now I’m the one that gets to walk on the field. However, I was really sad because as I walked on the field, I knew this would be the last time that I would get to cheer for the Tigers at Grim Stadium, and it was just a really sad moment.”

The parents stood with their seniors as the students waited for their names to be called.

“I’m just really glad that was the ending note to everything,” senior Madeleine Russell said. “Being able to walk across the field with my friends who I’ve known since kindergarten and with my parents who have been through it all with me made me very thankful that that’s how it ended.”

The experience was filled with mixed emotions since it was the final game that many of the seniors would watch in Grim Stadium.

“I felt like it was bittersweet,” senior Ashley Rubenzer. “It was really happy but also sad because its my last home game and my last time to be on the field. It was really bittersweet, but I am glad I got to enjoy it.”