Frederick shows confidence on the field


Junior Alex Frederick has played soccer since his freshman year and is confident about this season.

Story by Robert Hoover, Staff Writer

Senior Tab Hartman has been substituted in at the start of the second half of the Texas High vs. Longview game. It’s the first game of the season for the Tigers and they’re ready to put their hours of practice into good use.

The Tigers push down the field and move into position. Hartman sends a beautiful cross over the field to junior Alex Frederick who is able to send it soaring in for a goal. This is Frederick’s first goal and favorite moment of this season.

The Tigers got off to a good start this season by pulling off a victory against Longview with a score of 5-0. Hopes were high after this big victory, and going into their second game they held the same mentality. Unfortunately, Denison came out of it with a 2-0 victory.

“We just haven’t really meshed well yet, and we just didn’t bring our ‘A’ game,” Frederick said. “We’ll pick up at our next event.”

Frederick has been a major contributor to the team ever since he joined his freshman year. He has faced several hardships in the past and is still having some of the same issues today.

“I’ve moved around a lot on the team, I’ve had a lot of positions since my first day at Texas High,” Frederick said. “I’ve already had two this season. I used to be forward but we decided to change it up and I became a sweeper.”

Frederick is optimistic about the future of the team and the games to come. He is also confident in his teammates’ abilities.

“Watch out for Michael Stanley. He’s up there,” Frederick said. “Gustavo Venegas is back for another season, and watch out for me, of course, and Tab Hartman.”