Tigersharks win 13th district title


Junior Brennan Hile dives into the pool during the district swim meet held Jan. 26 at the Pinkerton Center at Texarkana College.

Story by Zac Baker, Staff writer

The Tigersharks competed for their thirteenth district title at the Texarkana College Pinkerton Natatorium Jan. 26. Both the boys and girls teams demolished their competitors. The guys scored 219 points over the second place Pine Tree which scored a total of 57 points. The girls annihilated their competition by scoring 211 points over Pine Tree’s 57 points.

The meet started off with Tigershark momentum, with both the boys and girls relays winning gold medals by a margin of over 20 seconds each. The momentum carried for a total of 48 medals and 71 total regional qualifying finishes.

“I feel like the team did well for being somewhat exhausted,”  senior co-captain Davis Payne said. “We start heavy tapering next week and that should thoroughly prepare us for regionals.”

The Tigershark regional qualifiers from each event are as follows:

Girls 200 Medley Relay: Team of Ashton Latham, Madeleine Pellegrin, Kristin McCasland, and Autumn Sehy.
Boys 200 Medley Relay: Team of Zack Norton, Zach Baker, Chris Radomski, and Rusty Anglin.
Girls 200 Freestyle: Brittney Shipp, Maggie Lopez, Nicole Caswell, and Genesis Vega.
Boys 200 Freestyle: Nick Sehy, Davis Payne, and Tyler Snell.
Girls 200 IM: Latham, Pellegrin, Brenna Moore, and Mariah Price.
Boys 200 IM: Brennan Hile, Zack Derrick, Conor Diggs, and Luke Calhoon.
Girls 50 Freestyle: Amy McCoy, Autumn Sehy, Lexi Watkins, Celeste Dart.
Boys 50 Freestyle: Radomski, Anglin, Josh Klein, and Jamie Gipson.
Girls 1 Meter Diving: Ann Marie Hilborn.
Boys 1 Meter Diving: Walker Lambert, Calvin Lourens, and Reece Griffin.
Girls 100 Butterfly: McCasland, Katelyn Dobbins, Kristen Hall, and Moore.
Boys 100 Butterfly: Radomski, Hile, Noah Wollery, and Wesley Black.
Girls 100 Freestyle: McCoy, Shipp, Autumn Sehy, and Oralia Basurto-Ruiz.
Boys 100 Freestyle: Nick Sehy, Baker, and Norton.
Girls 500 Freestyle: Dobbins, Lopez, Caswell, and Vega.
Boys 500 Freestyle: Payne, Derrick, Wollery, and Snell.
Girls 200 Freestyle Relay: Team of- Autumn Sehy, Shipp, Watkins, and McCoy.
Boys 200 Freestyle Relay: Team of- Radomski, Hile, Klein, and Nick Sehy.
Girls 100 Backstroke: Latham, McCasland, Basurto-Ruiz, and Hall.
Boys 100 Backstroke: Norton, Anglin, Calhoon, and Black.
Girls 100 Breaststroke: Pellegrin, Watkins, and Price.
Boys 100 Breaststroke: Baker, Klein, Diggs, and Zach Wolf.
Girls 400 Freestyle Relay: Team of- Shipp, Latham, McCasland, and McCoy.
Boys 400 Freestyle Relay: Team of- Hile, Baker, Angliin, and Nick Sehy.

The Tigersharks set off to regionals on Feb. 7 to go to Louisville, Texas, to compete at the regional meet on Feb. 8-9.