Here I come

Rhone says it will be hard to leave high school football


Sydney Steed

Senior linebacker Anthony Rhone has verbally committed to SMU, though the formal signing date isn’t until February.

Story by Robert Hoover, sports editor

During his junior year, one Texas High linebacker earned 146 tackles, three forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries. Now a senior, Anthony Rhone is back for another year of Tiger football. Rhone is currently playing in his last season at Texas High, as he prepares to move on to college ball next fall.

Rhone has always known, for as long as he can remember, that he wants to move up from high school football to play in college.

“Since I’ve been young, I’ve always wanted to go to college,” Rhone said. “I’ve grown up around football and knew I wanted to pursue it as a career.”

Even though he knew he wanted to play college football at an early age, he didn’t start really thinking about it until his sophomore year.

“During my sophomore year colleges started sending me letters, getting in contact with me,” Rhone said. “SMU was a little different from the other schools. They sent me hand-written letters telling me how much of an asset I would be.”

With multiple colleges wanting him for his athletic and educational attributes, he had a lot of options to wade through.

“I narrowed it down to SMU, North Texas and SFA,” Rhone said.

With all three of these universities making offers, Rhone tried to find a happy medium between athletics and academics. Finally, after narrowing it down college by college, Rhone believes he belongs at Southern Methodist University.

“I feel like SMU is the better fit for me academically and also sportwise for my football,”Rhone said.

His parents agree.

“When Anthony initially went to visit SMU, Earnest and I went with him,” his mother, Cassandra Rhone said. “ The coaching staff and the players were very nice. They have a classy organization with some good players and coaches.”

While Rhone has verbally committed to SMU, the signing date isn’t until February.

“ Anthony has felt very comfortable each time he has visited the campus,” Cassandra Rhone sad. “He is a smart young man who is capable of making good choices.  And we will support him in his decision 100 percent.”

Just like many of his teammates, Rhone is looking back on his time with the football team and knows it’s going to be hard to say goodbye.

“Of course I’m going to miss high school,” Rhone said. “I’ve been wanting to attend Texas High and play at Grim stadium since I was little, now I’m doing it.”