Tigers pile it on against Leopards

First home game ends 30-8


Photo by Sabrina Larson

Senior running back Trey Walker is taken down by a Liberty Eylau defender.

Story by Robert Hoover, sports editor

The varsity football team took on the Liberty Eylau Leopards tonight. Despite getting off to a slow start, the Tigers got their heads in the game going into the second quarter. Due to their efforts, the Tigers were able to steal the night, winning with a score of 30-8.

Going onto the first quarter, both teams’ offenses were shut down by the opposing defenses repeatedly. It was punt after punt, without much give from either side. Finally the scoreboard gained a couple of numbers when the Leopards long snapper pitched a wild snap, resulting in a safety.

“They came out and they played hard,” senior Kevin Harris said. “LE isn’t bad; they’re a really good team. We came out a little rough, then we came out the second half with big time plays, that’s what you gotta do.”

When the second quarter rolled around, things started to heat up. The Leopards got their first, and only, touchdown of the game. After which, they got a 2-point conversion. The Tigers responded to this by getting a touchdown of their own, giving them a 1-point lead.

“It was really rough in the first half,” senior quarterback Cody Hunter said. “But then in the second half, we started moving the ball and beat LE.“

The third quarter was Tiger prime time, with the team scoring three touchdowns. Two of the three were scored by Hunter running the ball. In one of his plays, he ran for an impressive 27 yards. The other touchdown was scored by senior running back Trey Walker, within the 10-yard mark.

“It feels good you know, I gotta give it up to my teammates,” senior linebacker Anthony Rhone. ”We all are a team you know there is no I in team, we all did this together.”

By the time the fourth quarter had begun, the Tigers had a commanding 22-point lead. For most of the quarter, it was the Tigers simply running down the clock. As the last seconds rolled off the clock the Tiger fans cheered, and the Tigers themselves were feeling like champions.

“It feels really good right now,” Walker said. “All that talk motivated us to win; we’re the king of the city right now.”

DJ Mack and Ben Gladney contributed to this reporter