New coach on the court

Cochran makes transition as head girls’ basketball coach


Photo by Lauren Gibbert

Coach Robert Cochran shows members of the girls’ basketball team how to run a play.

Story by Jessica Emerson, staff writer

The questioning glances, learning how to navigate the hectic halls and the feeling of getting into a new routine. Coach Robert Cochran can relate to all of those feelings. The 17-year veteran of coaching is no newbie to the game of basketball, but a newbie at Texas High.

“I believe Texas High is the best school district, not only in Texarkana but in this area. Everything they do is first class,” Cochran said. “They try to make and do everything the best. I believe they do that with their athletics program as well. I want to be a part of that.”

Cochran moved from Liberty Eylau. He has been coaching basketball for 17 years.

“I was fortunate where I was,” Cochran said. “We had won a state championship, went to the state tournament four times, went to the regional tournament 12 times, and they were district champions nine times in a row.”

Cochran has been working hard to get the girls ready for the upcoming season. At 7:30 a.m., the squeaking of shoes against the court and the pounding of a basketball can be heard in Tiger Center. Since Aug. 27, they have been running and conditioning every morning, which is helping to improve their speed and agility at both ends of the court.

“We are doing a lot of conditioning and getting into shape, and with that we are developing mental toughness,” Cochran said.

“Coach Minter left a good group of girls and we are branching out from what he left. We will be playing a fast game on both ends of the court.”

Not only is Cochran breaking into a new routine, but so are his players. They are learning his new practice methods and what he’s going to do to make this season a success. With the season being under two months away, they are working hard to make this year even better than last year.

“I feel like he is determined. He might point out incorrections, but he’s only doing that to perfect you. He wants everyone to play under his standards,” senior Marisha Moss said. “Not just for fun but for the game.”

The Lady Tigers have a packed season ahead of them. They have a coach who believes they can go as far as they want if they try hard enough to achieve it. They’re excited and preparing for a rewarding season ahead of them.

“I think we’ll be able to dictate the pace of the game, both at full court and half court play,” Cochran said. “We also have seniors coming back that were successful last season. Having good leaders will always help out the team.”