Emotional loss

Lady Tigers fall to PG


Photo by Kelsi Brinkmeyer

Junior Hannah Brantley tries to save the ball as a PG defender tries to take it during the game Tuesday. The girls lost 2-0.

Story by Tyler Snell, staff reporter

Emotions were running high Tuesday night when the girls soccer team faced off against Pleasant Grove. The girls suffered a 2-0 loss to their crosstown rivals. The teams both started slow until the Hawks scored in the first and later again before the half.

“We are going to go hard against LE and Mount Pleasant,” junior Faith Rhone. “We are going to get back into it and beat them next time.”

The girls are looking forward to their next match against them, but in the meantime they have some plans to make sure that they win.

“We’ve got to decide that we want it more than we did in this game,” sophomore Leah Crenshaw said. “I know the team that we are, and the team that we are wants it more than we wanted it.”

The Lady Tigers were looking forward to this game with nervous excitement.

“We felt nervous going into it because they are our biggest rivals,” junior Peyton Glenn said. “They are really competitive, and they are a spitting image of us.”

With the Hawks being the girls biggest rivals, the Lady Tigers are looking forward to the next time they meet on the field.

“We are going to work on the mistakes that we made today,” Glenn said. “We just need to make everything around better and play more as a team and more as a family.”

The Lady Tigers play against the Hawks again on Feb. 28 at Grimm Stadium.