Tigers leave the court

The Texas High basketball season has ended due to the Tigers loss to Wylie in district play


photo by: Savannah Pritchard

Story by Robert Hoover, sports editor

As the final buzzer sounds, the Tigers have to face reality. Another wave of seniors have come to terms with having to hang up their jerseys for the last time.


The Texas High basketball team lost to Summit High School 65-75, eliminating them from the playoffs on Feb. 21. Hopes were high with a perfect district record, and a previous win in the Bi-District game against Wylie East. However, the Tigers just couldn’t find the strength to overcome the Jaguars.


“The reason for our loss was a lot of things. It was turnovers; it was capitalizing,” senior Donovan Davis said. “We weren’t hitting them hard enough.”


Trailing for the majority of the game, the Tigers struggled to keep up with the competition. Some believe there shortcomings may be partly credited to the Jaguars physical attributes.


“They worked really well together, and they had a really good guard,” senior Gage Martin said. “They had this 6’5” guy who was blocking peoples shots. We just had an awful night. It happens to everyone.”


During the second half, the Tigers had their strongest push of the game. However, fate just wasn’t on their side.


“The second half was better,” Martin said. “We were down the first half and began coming back the second half, but we ran out of time before we could catch up to them.”


After the game, the Tigers looked back over the season and everything they accomplished.


“My fondest memory is senior night,” senior Tevin James said. “It was a complete success. I got in the game, scored a couple of baskets and won the game for my team. It was amazing.”


Despite the successful season and fond memories, it will be hard for some of the team to move on, leaving the court forever.


“I’m gonna miss basketball,” James said. “The working hard everyday along with my brothers. It’s just on to the next journey.”