Shootout ends in loss for Tigers


Savannah Pritchard

A host of Tigers battle a lone Pleasant Grove defender during the boys varsity game on January 20, 2015.

Story by Lauren Potter, staff writer

The boys varsity soccer team lost 1-0 against Pleasant Grove Tuesday at Hawk Stadium after a shootout gave the Hawks the only score of the night.

“I think we did good,” junior Axel Contreras said. “We actually outplayed them, the only thing we were missing was scoring but besides that we played good.”

Throughout the game the boys controlled the ball and made several scoring attempts.

“Nobody could finish a shot,” senior Mantas Lastname said. “We just couldn’t get on the fall in, but I feel like we dominated the whole field.”

The Tigers kept PG on their side of the field throughout the game.

“They barely got on our side of the field the second half,” junior Roger Moreno said. “We were just playing on their half of the field.”

Towards the end of the game since it was tied at 0-0,  the two teams went into a shootout.

“It was pretty intense,” junior Cooper Zverina said. “I feel like if we had practiced penalty kicks we would’ve done better.”

Despite missing two penalty kicks, the Tigers were only defeated by one shot.

“I feel like personally I did good on my PK (penalty kick) but a few other people who missed it probably could’ve done better,” Moreno said. “Their keeper did do pretty good on one save and Cooper did really good on his one save he had, you can’t really do much on PKs because its so close to the goal.”

The boys have a good outlook on the remainder of the season.

“ I feel like we are going to do great when it comes to those hard teams,” Mantas said. “We all put a lot of work in so I feel like we are gonna do good.”