The gold rush

Former alumni honored with special-edition golden football


Savannah York

The golden football given in honor of alumni Nathan Vasher.

Story by Raga Justin, news editor

As the Super Bowl’s 50th Anniversary approaches, excitement mounts among football fanatics everywhere. But select high schools around the nation are celebrating for a slightly different reason- inclusion on NFL’s Super Bowl High School Honor Roll, which presents commemorative golden footballs to the high schools of players or coaches who participated in the Super Bowl at any point during its history.

Recently, Texas High received a golden football to honor former Chicago Bears cornerback Nathan Vasher, member of the graduating class of 2002.

“Not every player can play in the Super Bowl,” Principal Brad Bailey said. “It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve those goals. Nathan was a tremendous athlete and a tremendous student, and he represents Texas High very well.”

Along with the football comes several other bonuses; namely, the ability to apply for numerous football grants, as well as an NFL Character Education Curriculum.

“It’s a good opportunity for our students,” Bailey said. “It gives hope and motivation to some of our students to achieve, and work towards something. For the NFL to recognize us is a tremendous honor.”