Tigers triumph over Mavericks


Megan Brandon

Senior Kip Williams is at bat against Marshall in a district matchup.

Story by Langley Leverett, staff writer

The Tigers brought home a win after playing against the Marshall Mavericks on March 29. Through a series of push and pulls, the Tigers prevailed with an ending score of 5-4.

Beginning strong, the Tigers had a score of 3-0 until the third inning when the Mavericks scored two runs. The tigers were shocked at the change of tides.

“As a team, we realized that we need to not underestimate our competition,” senior Pierson Swanger said. “We shouldn’t just cruise along during the game like we are entitled to the win.”

The Tigers acknowledge that they weren’t playing to the best of their ability, thus allowing the Mavericks to score two more runs, evening the playing field to a score of 4-4.

““[The game was] a little rough, we struggled, had a few errors,” senior Nick Kelly said. “We weren’t really focused.”

Despite their lack of enthusiasm, it is agreed that timing was crucial to the Tiger’s win.

“Well, we didn’t play at our full potential, we could’ve played better,” junior Kyle Choate said. “I thought we made big plays when we needed to.”

Agitated at their mistake, the Tigers’ standing goal is to always play their hardest, no matter the opposer’s skill.

“[We need to] play the level we know that we can play, and not play down to our competition’s level,” Swanger said. “We will continue to strive to play the best we can.”

The Tigers hope to learn from their mistakes and fly through the games at undefeatable altitudes.

“I feel like we didn’t play as good as we had been until later in the game, and that there were a few errors made,” Swanger said. “But at the end of the game we pulled together as a family and as a team and had a few big hits when they were needed to win the game.”

Closing the game with the final run needed to triumph over the Mavericks, the tiger’s expectations for the upcoming game are high.
“The next game we’re going to come out and win,” Kelly said. “We’re going to play hard and we’re going to practice hard.”