Every HighStepper journey begins with a single kick


Photo by Angela Valle

Future Highsteppers perform during pregame at the Texas High versus Liberty Eylau varsity football game. Participants learned their routine at the Future Highstepper Clinic the week before the game.

Story by Joseph Rodgers, news editor

Friday’s football game against Liberty Eylau seemed normal; the band performed their halftime show, the cheerleaders energized the crowd and the student section supported their home team.

Yet something special happened, a journey began for many with a single kick, turn or roll.

The HighSteppers performed a dance routine before the game accompanied by young HighSteppers after preparing at the Future HighStepper Clinic on Sunday, Sept. 10.

“I think it’s really great for these girls to come to the Future HighStepper Clinic,” senior Amber Savage said. “It teaches these girls what to expect and it recruits new girls to try out.”

Not only does the dance impact the younger girls, but it encourages the older HighSteppers to love what they do and keep kicking hard.

“I always love doing the Future HighStepper Clinic,” Savage said. “All the girls are so sweet and it is a good feeling to know that they look up to you and they want to do what you do one day.”