Getting a head start


Photo by Auryeal Parker

Junior Robert Bland races against his teammates in the first meet of the season.

Story by Andrea Loredo, staff writer

The Texas High Tigersharks faced each other in the annual teammates vs. teammates  swim meet held at the Texarkana College on Sept. 16. This year, the third place went to the White team with 618 points, second place to the Black team with 701 points and first place to the Orange team with 719 points.

During this event, the Tigersharks are divided into three teams: orange, black and white, and are paired against each other in their worst and best events. Just for this day, the swimmers become divers; the divers become swimmers.

A new season is always hard to handle. New teammates, new times and new goals can be a scary feat.

“The Orange, Black and White meet is a great way to kick off the season,” senior Courtney Lourens said. “It brings the team together, especially during the cookout and sleepover that happens after the meet.”

This meet helps the freshman swimmers and divers start their year with the others. It is a way for all swimmers and divers to get to know each other better and to bond with each other. This way throughout the year the new comers know that they are not alone, and that they have someone to rely on.

“It was a good bonding experience in the way that you get to meet people who you are in your team, cheering for everyone on and off your team,” freshman Nathan Morris said. “We’re all one big team on the inside.”

With the pressure of the other meets coming up, soon swimmers and divers just want to know where they stand with their times and with their dives. Having this early in the year helps them know what they are doing wrong, and gives them an idea of what they need to work on during the year.

“I feel it is very important to have a swim meet this early in the season so that we can get a baseline to start and figure out what swimmers we have in what event,” Coach Eric Vogan said. “We can improve on Saturday’s time as the year progresses.”