Tigers tame the Bulldogs

Texas High defeats unbeaten Kilgore 44-41


Photo by Kaitlyn Gordon

Tevailance Hunt sprints into the end zone with 16 seconds left in the first half. The Tigers beat the Kilgore Bulldogs 43-41 in double overtime.

Story by Joseph Rodgers and Addison Cross

The Texas High Tigers played the Kilgore Bulldogs Friday night in a heated game at R. E. Saint John Memorial Stadium, winning 44-41 in double overtime.

After a series of offensive advances by both teams, the Kilgore Bulldogs scored the only touchdown of the first quarter and had a successful PAT attempt making the score 7-0.

Within the first minute of the second quarter, the Tigers scored their first touchdown with wide receiver Tevailance Hunt running 43 yards, making the score 7-7.

Kilgore scored with a pass from the Tigers’ 34-yard line to wide receiver Jonathan Shepherd. Their PAT was unsuccessful which made the score 13-7.

Texas High scored a second touchdown as quarterback Coltin Clack made a successful pass to running back Chris Sutton, setting the score at 14-13.

Later in the second quarter, Clack passed the ball to wide receiver Chris Lyles. Lyles then passed it to Hunt making for a 43-yard touchdown, making the score 21-13 Texas High.

The Bulldog quarterback Patrick Jackson passes the ball to wide receiver Jonathan Shepherd who made the score 21-20 from a 60 yard touchdown.

Texas High then scored the final touchdown of the half with Hunt in the wildcat position, making the score 28-20 with the Tigers leading at halftime.

Entering into the third quarter, Bulldogs quarterback Patrick Jackson was sacked by Tiger linebacker Demarquis Vaughn resulting in a change of possession. Texas High proceeded to make 37 yards in their first down, but a fumble by Clack was recovered by Kilgore.

Kilgore scored the next touchdown of the game from the eight yard line which came with a successful PAT inching up the score 28-27 Texas High with Kilgore close behind.

Tiger kicker Logan Snell attempted a 41 yard field goal but failed, leading to Kilgore making several run attempts.

After multiple failed offensive plays and a sack on Clack, the Tigers scored a touchdown with an 18 yard pass from Clack to Hunt, adding the score up to 35-27 for the Tigers at the end of the third quarter.

The beginning of the fourth quarter consisted of traded failed offensive drives as Bulldogs wide receiver Jamie Patton made a 19 yard touchdown which led to a two point conversion evening up the score 35-35.

The game then continued into its first overtime with the Tigers failing its first offensive drive. The Bulldogs then attempted to make a field goal but then both teams agreed to finish the game on individual teams’ field goal attempts.

After both teams made successful attempts in the first overtime making the score 38-38.

The second overtime began with the Bulldogs making a successful field goal. Sutton then made the final touchdown, closing the game at 44-41.

As for the team, Athletic Director and head coach Gerry Stanford is hopeful for the future.

“The kids obviously felt comfortable. They never freaked out, they just kept playing. They kept answering the call so we’re just proud of them and their effort and execution,” Stanford said. “We really don’t focus on scoreboards too much, we focus on work ethic and effort. And those two things, if we can build on that, we’ll go where we want to go.”