Mount Pleasant pummels Tigers


graphic by Langley Leverett

Story by Celeste Anderson, editor in chief

The Texas Tigers took home a devastating loss in soccer Wednesday night, losing 13-0 to the Mount Pleasant Tigers.

The first half of the game started off fast, with Mount Pleasant ready to play right out of the gate. They scored their fist goal three minutes into the game. After that, the Texas Tigers lost their concentration and confidence and let another seven goals in before the end of the half.

The second half began, and Mount Pleasant was confident and ready. They scored their ninth goal three minutes into the second half, their 10th 30 seconds after that and their 11th goal five minutes in. The Texas Tigers held their defense until 11 minutes into the second half, wherein Mount Pleasant scored their 12th goal. The Texas High Tigers held strong until 4 minutes left in the game when Mount Pleasant scored its 13th and final goal.

The Texas Tigers travel to Greenville on Friday.