The end of the road

Lady Tigers lose regional semifinals in three sets


Photo by Margaret Debenport

The Lady Tigers wish the Wakeland Wolverines good luck as they begin their first set. Texas High lost the regional semifinals in three sets after advancing in a historic season.

Story by Autumn Golden and Joseph Rodgers

A historic season for the volleyball team came to an end after the Lady Tigers lost the regional semifinals against the Frisco Wakeland Wolverines in three consecutive sets.

“I am heartbroken that it’s our last game, and I can’t believe I just played my last volleyball game for Texas High,” senior Kaitlyn Cross said. “However, I am beyond proud of all the girls and how hard we’ve worked this season and it’s paid off.”

The Lady Tigers went back and forth with the Wolverines at the beginning but lost the first set 25-20. The Wolverines were down by a large 4-point lead throughout the tour game but then caught up to be only 2 points behind, and then exceeded the Tigers by 5 points.

The second set started with another 4-point lead for the Lady Tigers and ended in a fierce tie. However, the Wolverines pulled through with a tie-breaker of 26-24.

Finally, in the third set, the Wolverines started out with an early 7-point lead and widened it to finish out the set 25-17.

“I will never get to put on that jersey again, and it’s sad to say that we will all go different ways,” senior Treyaunna Rush said. “I’m glad that my last game was with an amazing group of ladies who love the game of volleyball just as much as I do.”