The Lion tamers

Lady Tigers defeat Greenville Lions

Story by Charli Hueter and Zane Johnston

The girls varsity softball team was victorious against Greenville on April 5. They reigned victorious with a score of 10-2.

The team was strong from the very beginning. In the first inning alone, Senior Lindsey Egger pitched solid strikes on the defensive, while freshman Ashanti Northcross made a single steal to second. All it took was a double by senior Kaitlyn Cross for Northcross to secure the Tigers’ first score of the night.

“We are learning how to play together,” Northcross said. “[The season] has been pretty good. We are learning more about each other; [we’re] getting comfortable. It’s all coming together.”

Even though these girls make it look easy, softball is a mental game. This is when having a cooperative and intuitive team is pivotal.

“We all seem to really like each other,” freshman Lauren Allred said. “And we can help each other from that, but we do get in our heads a lot. So, that could hurt us.”

Nevertheless, tonight’s game was an overwhelming success. Our ladies managed to fend off the Lions for six innings before they could run their first score.

“I think we did pretty good overall,” Northcross said. “Our defense played well. If we continue to work hard and finish the games like we started, I think we’ll be fine.”

In the end, the Lady Tigers won a decisive victory. The game’s positive outcome will help settle the midseason nerves for both players and fans alike.

“I think the team did good,” Allred said. “We all stuck together and encouraged each other. When people got down, we were right there to help them back up. We’re only going to get better.”