Her next course

Henard looks to future at Dallas Baptist University


Photo by Abby Elliott

photo illustration.

Story by Taylor Bayonne, Staff writer

After spending the majority of her life playing a sport so near to her heart, senior Graci Henard credits her success to her late golf coach, Jay Brewer.  Henard described Brewer as being the rock that supported her through the years, and she will always hold him near to her heart as she continues to play golf in college for Dallas Baptist University.

“My coach is Jay Brewer, and he will always be my coach,” Henard said. “He was my rock, so having him in my heart I know he was smiling down in heaven when I made that announcement.” 

Brewer passed away June 5, 2019, from heart-related complications, leaving behind his wife and a career as a high school golf coach. Henard wishes that he was still here, so he would be able to see her go off to college and do what they both loved.

“I think he would be extremely proud,” Henard said. “After the first high school tournament that I won, he said it would be the first of many, so he knew I would be committing somewhere.”

While in college, Henard admits she won’t be able to keep the same academic pace as she has always had because of the new heavy workload.

“While in college, it’s gonna be a transition for sure,” Henard said. “I’m a high school student who is constantly taking notes, my notes are color coded. I’m very involved.”

Currently, Henard is undecided in what her career path is outside of golf. 

“My end goal would be to go pro, to be a professional golfer, working my way up to the mini tours. Getting to go PGA has been a dream since I was 6 years old,” Henard said. “I’ve thought about business, marketing or something like that. I’ve thought about teaching, but I’m not really sure. I’m undecided.”

Henard doesn’t know exactly what the future holds, but there’s no doubt she will always strive to do her best.

“I am extremely excited to see how Dallas Baptist and Coach Trapp are going to mold me into the person and golfer God designed me to be,” Henard said. “I have seen God work through my life and am looking forward to watching Him work in the next stage of my life.”