Hot start for the Lady Tigers

Volleyball team opens their district play with a dominant start


Caden Rainwater

The Lady Tigers come together in celebration after a point earned against Tyler High School. The Tigers continued their path of an undefeated season following their game against Tyler.

Story by Caden Rainwater, sports editor

Ensuing Tuesday’s match against Marshall, the Lady Tigers formally made it through their first half of district play nearly flawless. With the most sets won as well as the second least sets lost, the Tigers have embarrassed the rest of their district, sweeping the second-place team in their district three sets to zero.

Led by senior Ashlyn Stiger, whether her success comes from the fact that she was crowned homecoming queen or the fact that she can touch the clouds when she jumps to spike the ball, the Ladies seem to be more united than ever. Accompanied by junior outside hitter Logan Pilgreen and backed by her starting setters, juniors Lauren Allred and Bella Cherry, the front line is a powerful force for the Ladies this year.

“This year I’ve focused on becoming a better teammate and person on and off the court,” Stiger said. “Being a senior it’s my job to check up on my teammates and make sure that we’re doing what we can to keep our bodies healthy.”

After a mildly unsuccessful season last year setting an end to the season 3-7 in the district, on Oct. 10, this year, the Lady Tigers officially won more district games than all of the 2019 season. 

“Over the summer we worked really hard and grew more into our bodies which really prepared us for this year,” Pilgreen said. “After only losing one senior, this is really our group, and we figured out what we had to make up for to better us as a team.”

As the Texas High School volleyball program continues to have up-years and down-years, there is a chance for the Ladies following an unproductive season to return to the success of the 2018 season. As Stiger happens to be the only starting member of that team, the question is, does this team of girls have what it takes to take the school back to the UIL Regional Semifinal, or further?

“The hard work and dedication to keep on working throughout the season is definitely back from the 2018 group,” Stiger said. “That year and this year we’ve experienced losses and we get the chance to fight back and earn our spot further in the playoffs.”

The team still has five district games to go before entering UIL 2020 Volleyball Playoffs, as they will face their neighboring six teams in 5A Region 2 District 15, all schools that have already been beaten by the Tigers this season.

“Anything can happen and we have to remember that continuing the season, we’ve had bad games just as other teams have,” Pilgreen said. ”We are going to stay focused and work hard no matter who’s on the other side of the net.”

Opposing the Sulphur Springs Wildcats on Tuesday, Oct. 27, the Lady Tigers will continue to fight for their position in the playoffs.

“We’re going to keep working hard and focus hard on our communication,” Pilgreen said. “It’s time to build that bond that we need as a team, but also focusing on working together so that we can make it to the playoffs where we belong this year.”