A shot at state

Sophomore discusses team’s outlook on season


Caden Rainwater

Sophomore Lydia Lee lunges to hit the ball in a match. The tennis team has practiced hard with hopes of making it to state.

Story by Macy Maynard, staff writer

With an undefeated season, the varsity tennis team heads into the regional semifinal round against Frisco Centennial on Friday. Sophomore Lydia Lee is one of the standout players, and she knows that if they defeat Frisco Centennial, Highland Park is the one team that can stand in their way at state.  

What made you want to start playing tennis?

I started playing tennis when I was very young because of my mom. She played with her friends, so when she would go, I would play with my little friends.

How has COVID-19 affected tennis?

Tennis really was one of the only things that COVID-19 didn’t affect because it’s an outdoor activity, and you don’t come in contact with very many [people]. I really got to work on my tennis skills during a time when I couldn’t do anything else.

How has the varsity tennis team improved since last year?

We’ve definitely improved since last year. With many people being seniors, we did not lose any senior girl players on varsity. But on the boys side, we lost lots of senior boys, so I think really the girls have stepped up to the plate.

How are y’all preparing for your match against Highland Park?

This year I really think we’ve gotten in better shape. The coaches have really been pushing us with the running and conditioning for sure. It has been harder this year than any other year. This is all to help us get ready for the match against Highland Park.

Do you think the tennis team will win State this year? 

Our team has a lot of heart, and we never give up and we’re known for that. As long as we keep that mentality, it’s definitely gonna be a battle, but I’m never going to say we can’t do anything.