Steaming out social norms  

Hot yoga is for everyone


Photo by Caden Rainwater

Senior Trey Lavender practices a yoga position prior to his regular class. An influx of males joined the class this upcoming year.

Story by Olivia Huckabee, staff writer

Hot yoga has become a new craze in the city of Texarkana. Although it primarily attracted the attention of females, many young men have begun to add the exercise to their lives.

“I went with my sister a few years back, and I did not like it, which made me believe that if you’re not a girl then you are not made for yoga,” senior Cort Rainwater said. “I thought that guys should just stick to weights, and yoga was more feminine, but after going back I’d say that yoga is made for anyone.”

Yoga is not only a relaxing environment, but it is also a test of one’s strength. Despite previous training in gyms and weightlifting, yoga continues to shock new members.

“I realized that it is an amazingly difficult and involved training session,” Rainwater said. “It works muscles I never even knew about. It trains the body to its fullest extent which is what most guys need.¨

This new obsession has helped with giving people peace and tranquility that they may need in the future.

“It definitely helps in the times when I have allowed myself to be dragged down by the weight of the things I have been through,” Rainwater said. “I think yoga is a time where I can convince myself to put my past down for a second, and focus on my mind and body.”

Athletically, yoga can push one’s body to its limits and help participants in other aspects; not only in daily life, but athletes have also found that yoga aids them in their performance during sports.

“I definitely think it has helped me,” senior Zane Dodson said. “I am 100% more loose, I haven’t had near as many problems with my body being tired or exhausted, and I haven’t had any bad injuries lately. It has helped me a lot throughout my short time going.”

Yoga is not just for those who play sports, it can truly be for anyone. It can be a good way to release stress and calm your mind and body.

“I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling to find a small piece of calmness in their life — because that’s what yoga is,” Rainwater said. “For me, it’s a time where I can overcome anxiety and self-consciousness, and anyone who really struggles with those things should allow themselves to go through a yoga session.”