OK let’s meet the cast

“Oklahoma!” musical audition results


Photo by Auryeal Parker

Senior Olivia Parks and junior Paisley Allen gush over the cast list for the Tiger Theatre’s Company production.

Story by Colton Johnson, editor in chief

Auditions were over. Call backs were finished. There is nothing they can do but wait. And so, they wait, with high hopes and fingers crossed as Theatre Director Lisa Newton tapes the cast list to the wall. When she steps back, the hopeful actors and actresses crowd the list and begin to search for their name.

Tiger Theatre Company recently held auditions for the winter musical, “Oklahoma!” and will begin to bring the rolling plains of the Wild West to life on stage through months of preparation and rehearsals scheduled to prepare for opening night. The pressures are high as the cast and crew are faced with living up to a 75-year-old legacy of such a well renowned show.

“I am extremely excited for my first production in high school. It is a really big opportunity, and I can’t believe I get the chance to play such a fun, iconic character in this famous musical,” freshmen Cate Rounds said. “She is a very different person than I am. She is more flirty and extroverted and I’m a little shyer. I feel that will be both fun and challenging.”

Rehearsals began this week, and the show is scheduled to take the stage Jan. 12-14.
The cast list is below.

Curly McLain – Brennon Cope

Laurey Williams – Emma Daniel

Ado Annie Carnes – Cate Rounds

Will Parker – Andrew Davis

Aunt Eller – Paisley Allen

Ali Hakim – Colton Johnson

Jud Fry – Ryan Shupe

Ike –Jose Velasquez

Slim – Juan Pena-Garcia

Fred – Conner Powell

Gertie –  Olivia Parks

Andrew Carnes – Mason Higginbotham

Cord Elam – Drew Martindale

Vocal Ensemble: Perin Creek, Rachel Johnson, Olivia Parks, Mikenzie Blaze, Molly Kyles, Raelynn Ligon, Hannah Spencer, Anabeth Icenhower, Audrey Mohon, Kate Morgan, Skylar Allen, Alexis Davis, Willow Drumm, Savanah Kennedy, Jose Velazquez, Damien Hamilton, Alex Cope, Zane Johnston, Connor Corbett, Steven Geiger

Female Vocal Ensemble

Soprano 1: Amanda Garmon, Addison Cross, Kaitlyn McKinley

Soprano 2: London Edwards, Shelby Steele, Traviona Collins, Misty Lopez

Alto: Mariah Jones, Andrea Munoz, Abby Cannon, Bree Barnett

Featured Dancers

Sarah Stark, Parker Ellyn Madlock, Emily McMaster, Laurel Wakefield

Dance Ensemble

Perin Creek, London Edwards, Kaitlyn McKinley, Anabeth Icenhauer, Bree Barnett, Lois LeFors, Audrey Mohon, Abby Cannon, Mikenzie Blasé, Molly Kyles, Allan Hickerson, Skyler Allen, Willow Drum, Juan Pena-Garcia, Hartley Spaulding, Jera Davis, Davis Sutton, Connor Powell, Alex Cope, Sydney Smith, Arden Spence, Mariah Jones, Steven Geiger, Damien Hamilton, Olivia Parks, Shelby Steele, Addison Cross, Rachel Johnson

Male Parts by Type


Drew Martindale, Alan Hickerson, Conner Powell, Jose Velasquez, Andrew Davis, Brennon Cope


Damien Hamilton, Steven Geiger, Zane Johnston, Mason Higginbotham, Connor Corbett, Ryan Shupe

Many a New Day Female Group

Emma Daniel, Amanda Garmon, Addison Cross, Kaitlyn McKinley, London Edwards, Shelby Steele, Traviona Collins, Misty Lopez, Abby Cannon, Mariah Jones, Andrea Munoz, Bree Barnett, Perin Creek

Kansas City – Specific Dancers TBA

Dream Ballet – Featured Dancers and called characters

The Farmer and the Cowman – all ensembles plus

Dakota King, Mason Smallwood, Ashanti Mitchell, Micah Wilson, Corey Webb

Child Ensemble – (dance and vocal)

Issac Linnett, David Mayo, Cannon Harris, Tyler Unger, Lauren Steele, Carley Hickerson, Jane Kate Mitchell