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Amanda Garmon
Amanda Garmon, a junior and new member of the Tiger Times staff, is commonly known as a shy human being with significant curly auburn hair. Despite people’s beliefs, she can be quite the opposite of “shy” at times, especially if you really get to know her. Amanda’s interests include writing (a given), watching dozens of Disney movies a day, puns and spontaneously blurting out show tunes at the most unnecessary times. As well as being a part of the newspaper staff, she participates in choir and theater. Amanda’s comfort zone is quite small, but she is determined to change that through the extracurricular activities she’s involved in. She tends not to know what she is doing, but she tries to laugh through her awkwardness. You’ll probably make her blush if you talk to her about literally anything. [email protected]

Amanda Garmon, staff writer

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Amanda Garmon